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Spincraft was founded in 1918 in Milwaukee by Theodore J. Salow, Sr. Interestingly, its main process of metal spin forming has been the company's focus then and ever since, but its product lines have evolved dramatically. At first, Spincraft manufactured almost exclusively consumer products like cookware and stemware, reflectors for streetlights and early types of microwave dishes, as well as its legendary Christmas tree stands.

Ronald Reagan (In the 1950s the future governor of California and President of the United States hosted the television show The General Electric Hour.) standing in front of a Christmas tree with a popular base that for years was a cornerstone of Spincraft's product lineup.

As a child, Tom Ingersoll used to marvel at the magically spinning Christmas tree in his family’s home.

It was all the better to see each and every ornament, and marvel at the way they caught the reflection of the twinkling lights.

Fifty years later, the Evergreen Park resident finds himself making the rotating tree stands through his company, Vintage Christmas & Holidays, LLC.

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